The NC Education Pledge

In 2016, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a law requiring a significant reduction in K-3 class sizes.  The law was written in such a way that it requires all funding for teachers in those grades to be spent on classroom teachers, leaving no money for teachers of art, music, P.E., dance, drama or technology.  The law goes into effect for the 2018-2019 school year, but despite the pleas of thousands of their constituents, the NCGA has failed to provide a single penny of funding for specialists in its budget for that year.

In the last year, concerned parents throughout the state have begged our legislators to fix the problem they created and to restore funding for specialists in our elementary schools.  Over and over again, we were told by our representatives that, while they’d like to help, they lacked the power to convince their colleagues to support funding for specialists.  So we have decided to ask each and every legislator in North Carolina to pledge their public support for specialists in our schools, and to provide them with a specific menu of actions they can take to demonstrate their commitment to fully funding specialists in our public schools.