This pledge is a non-partisan, statewide effort, and there are a few ways you can help:

  1.  We are in search of 1-3 people from each county in NC to serve as the primary point person in their county for publicizing the pledge and getting your senators and representatives to sign it.  If you’re interested in helping in this way, please send an email to, with your name, contact info and the county or district that you would like to represent.
  2. Ask your legislators to sign the pledge, and keep checking in with them to make sure they’re staying accountable.  Contact information for every member of the NC house can be found here.  Senate contact information is here.  When you call and email, please remember the following:
    1. To the extent possible, make your email personal.  Talk about how you and your family are impacted by the class size law.
    2. Be polite!  It can be tremendously frustrating dealing with politicians, but take the high road.  That doesn’t mean you can’t call out bad behavior, but remember that our legislators are people too.
  3.     Spread the word.  Tell everyone you think might be even mildly interested about this issue and about the Pledge.  The more people who are aware of what is happening, the better!  Never assume someone already knows what’s going on — there are millions of people in this state and nobody can be aware of every single issue out there.
  4. Get your local PTA involved.  If your school has an advocacy chair, ask if she (I’m assuming it’s a she; sorry for any inadvertent sexism) is aware of the Pledge and if she’s willing to enlist your school community to help.  If your school doesn’t have an advocacy chair, volunteer!  Parents are amazing activists, so give them an opportunity to get involved!
  5. If you aren’t already a member, join our Facebook group.  It’s a great place to find other people in your area who are working on this issue and to get the latest news on this and other education issues.
  6. Once they have signed the pledge, help us keep tabs on your legislator.  The Pledge contains a list of accountability steps each legislator can agree to take.  When you learn that they’ve done any of them, let us know and we’ll put it on the Wall of Fame.  For the moment, information can be sent to; though we plan to have a form on this site very soon for direct submissions.
  7. Let us know how we can help you.  If there’s information you need or if you have suggestions, email  Right now, this page is being written and administered by one parent who has exactly three months of activism under her belt.  Don’t assume your idea has already been considered.